Thursday, May 28, 2009

blog re-do and J&K+8

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John and Kate Plus 8- Boycott?
Did anyone watch the season 5 premiere? It was gut wrenching and made me consider family roles and family structure. Am I old fashioned or is it more right for the man to be the head of the house and the wife to submit than vice versa? I think the vice versa option is total chaos and the state of the Gosselin home. Jon quit his IT analyst job to stay home with the kids while Kate travels for her book release. There is nothing wrong with women working per say, but men need to have a feeling of accomplishment in life. From my observation, Kate belittles Jon and 'wears the pants.' Jon is not a strong leader and thus Kate pushes him around. Jon should regain his position as head of the house and not allow Kate to speak rudely to him. Kate should respect her husband and take her role as helpmate.
The show has been hard to watch recently with Kate being so rude to her husband. I don't want to be like that. The show has actually been better when Kate is on the road and Jon d0es the interviews by himself. When Kate is around he can hardly get a word in edge wise. All this to say. God created an order for marriage, man as the head and wife as the counterpart. Get it straight people. I'm wondering if we start a boycott of the book and show if they will work on their marriage?


Lisa said...

I think it depends on the personalities, but jon has made it clear he is not the home-maker kind of guy. He needs to be out of the house and working or doing something so he feels accomplished... at home with 8 kids all day would make any man go crazy!

Aunt Cindy said...

Well I refuse to watach it because they are exploiting their kids. If my parents ever had an argument or disagreement,I never knew about it because they never argued in front of us.No kid wants their parents dirty laundry played out on national tv----every thought, frustration.It is just too much info for me AC

Randy R. Coe said...

Love the new look of the blog. Hope to see you guys soon.

Damara said...

I think a big problem (not just with J&K+8, but with much of our current society as a whole, speaking in generalizations, of course) is the feminization of our men. It's become so acceptable for our children to be raised by single women without mothers (or 2 mothers/2 fathers) that many of our children, especially men are not growing up to become MEN, as we've known in the past. I think J&K are a classic example of what's happening in many American homes. Husbands are no longer leading their wives as we (the religious, for example) are taught. They (men) are thought that they have to learn how we (women) work, when really it should be the other way around. To be honest, I don't know that I'd boycott their show, but I am praying that they can work things out with each other and do what's best for their children.

Lori said...

Hey girl, glad you posted your blog link on fb, otherwise I wouldn't have known you had one. Adding you to my blog now.

Regarding this post, I was almost in tears on Sunday night watching the show. I really hope they can find some way to work this out for the sake of their family.