Sunday, May 3, 2009

Responsibility vs. Needing a break!

First, Congratulations to Tracy for 8 years of service!

The picture to the Left is Easter Sunday! This is our baby girl, Addison Ann in her Easter dress bought by her Mimi (my mom)!

Today I went to church with Addison. It was her first time going to the nursery. The workers, my friend and neighor Vicki, were nice and said that she did great! It was nice not having to worry if she would cry during the sermon and I could actually listen. BUT my dilemma lies in this question. Is the church nursery just another way that we shove our kids on to other people so that we don't have to take care of them? I feel torn between responsibility and needing a break. The break was nice, but I also want to expose her to the church service and have her with us. This brings me to the thought of Children's church? I don't think there is anything in the Bible about separating our children from the adults. Again, are we segregating our children from adults, under the desguise of "we need a break?" Wasn't it my decision to to have a child and to take care of it? Any thoughts anyone? Involvement with our children vs. needing a break!

As far as the other happenings in my life: I wonder how Uncle Bob is doing and pray for Aunt Linda and E&E as they go through this.

2) waiting til tracy gets off work to see if he wants to go shooting with the Sweeney's.

3) watching the Mavs game! maybe an afternoon nap too!

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