Friday, June 5, 2009

J&K+8 Response and Happenings!

A note about the slide show: You can click on the slide show to view the pictures in another window which makes the pictures larger! The current slide show is our Friend's wedding, Michael and Kelley Zeagler.

There was much debate about my last post regarding Jon and Kate. My response is that 1) Yes, they do need out support and prayers at this time, so boycotting is probably not the answer. 2) I still believe that the husband should be the head of the house and the wife the helpmate. This looks different in many families but the principle still remains. 3) The producers show us what they want, not necessarily "both sides" of the story. They may in fact be portraying Kate as an over bearing, rude wife when in fact she isn't. The same with Jon, he may be more assertive then they show. They are in it for the drama and thus the money.
Regarding the exploitation of their children. I'm not so sure. Their children have been exposed to many more opportunities b/c of the show, traveling, clothing, help with money issues. The show may wind up hurting them in the end but as for now I think the show has helped more than hurt the children. Well, there is the marital tension so judge for yourself.

This past week was great: Tracy had 4 days off (pass). We spent it hanging out with friends (the Phifers and Shehu's) playing Settlers. Also, we went to see Aunt Bo and Tiff in Burnet, going swimming and out to eat. We also saw the movie Up in 3D yesterday. This is the 2nd 3D movie I've seen and it seems that they are producing many more. Yea for that!

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