Thursday, November 26, 2009

Little Aggie!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday week started off with a surprise flower delivery on Monday afternoon. This helped put me in a better mood. I was feeling pretty sad about Tracy being gone, frustrated with this waiting game, and frustrated by Addison's fussiness. The dozen roses and box of chocolates did just the trick to put a smile on my face. On my birthday I got many calls, emails, and Facebook posts from family and friends. Thank you to all of you for remembering me on my birthday. The best part was the package I received from Tracy. Last week he kept mentioning that he was working on my present and then he told me he mailed it. I had to wait til we were on the phone to open it. So I did. I opened the package to find a sweet card and a box of Uno cards. I said, "oh, Uno cards!" Tracy said, "Yes, we're gonna play Uno while you read the letter I wrote you that's in the Uno box." I said, "how are we gonna play?" He said, "I kept half of the cards!" I was quiet surprised at his response but glad nonetheless. I read the "grocery list" of things and he would explain how I was like that object. For example, Klondike Bar. He said, "I'd do almost anything for you, you know, What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" We played Uno while I listed things off the "grocery list" and he told me how I was like those things to him. Oh another one: an eclair (ap?) doughnut, b/c your sweet like the other doughnuts but not as big as round. Last night, we finally finished the 30 something things on the list and I won the final game of Uno, 5 games to his 4. Lastly, Meredith took me to, Max's Wine Dive for my Birthday dinner while Aaron watched the kiddos. Comfort food meets fine, wine dinning. Delicious! The best steak I've had in a long while!
Some of you might be thinking "that's all Tracy got you?" Well, we celebrate our second birthdays now, when we became Christians, and give gifts then. That's when I got my awesome camera. By the way, I need a book on how to operate my camera so I can take better pics. Just an Xmas idea in case you were wondering. And no I'm not saying X-mas, X is the first letter in the Greek word Christ (Xristos). So Christ-mas, Xristos-mas, Xmas.
Thanks again for the b-day wishes!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


There needs to be a revision of sorts. Addison is not only crawling but now pulling up! I left her sitting on the rug by the TV in the kitchen. When I returned a few minutes later she was standing up holding on to the fireplace! My little girl is getting so big!
Lori Phifer and I are leaving tomorrow for the Women of Faith Conference in Houston. Woot! We are meeting other women from our church in Bastrop there! I went last year and it was great. The verdict is still out, will it be a fun, relaxing weekend or frustrating and irritating trying to keep Addison occupied and quiet? We'll see. It's off to bed now! Gott be in Houston by 10 am.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9 months- Crawling and more teeth!

Addison is 9 months old today! My, where did time go?; especially since Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Addison has been a little fussy the last couple of days. I realized Saturday that her two top, front teeth are starting to break the skin, but today I noticed that the teeth next to those are coming in too. That makes 4 teeth coming in at one time. Wow! She’ll be all teeth by Christmas time. She is also learning to crawl. She can crawl a couple of times then falls to her belly. She is enjoying standing and learning to pull-up but not so much the falling down.
Today is also Veteran’s Day! Thank you to my two grandfathers, Glenn, Zeagler, and of course my wonderful hubby for serving our great nation. There are countless other men and women serving our nation today, some abroad and some at home. Some people I’m thinking of are the guys from A Co who fought along side Tracy in his two deployments. It just seems like your “everyday job” but we know it takes courage to leave that wire every time, not knowing if you’ll make it back to your bed. It’s your bravery and resolve which inspire the rest of us in our endeavors which are much less life threatening. It’s because of men like you that I can rest easy on my sofa watching my baby girl scoot across the floor after her toy. We all enjoy relatively peaceful lives because millions of service men have fought for freedom. Keep on fighting service members and civilians alike. Your congressman and senator can’t know your opinion if you don’t tell them. They can’t vote your way if they don’t know it! Let’s all fight for freedom.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009