Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Fun Day/ Busy Saturday!

Friday Tracy and I went to see a movie, Ghost of Girlfriends Past,
shopping for a dress shirt, then headed to Best Buy to purchase a
Mothers Day gift and a surprise birthday present for me. You're
thinking, your birthday isn't til November. Yes you are correct, but
this year Tracy and I decided to start celebrating our 2nd birthdays.
It's the day we were re-born (John 3) and decided to follow Jesus. So
happy birthday to me Tracy bought me a camera and accessories! To top
off our day I had my first trip to Red Robin. Yum yum!
Today my parents arrived mid morning and we went to a local BBQ
restaraunt. Mom opened her mothers day gifts. Yea she got an iPod and
accessories. Tracy, Dad and I went for a brief walk to downtown
Bastrop where we got yummy snowcones! Tracy's mom and grandad arrived
just in time to grill out. We all had a great time down by the pool
eating burgers and hanging out. We topped off our day by eating ice
cream! It was a great day all for Addidons dedication tomorrow!

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