Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Monday Monday!

Today was a busy day! We got in late last night from a very busy weekend. The rehersal dinner and wedding were both great! We really enjoyed hanging out with the wedding party and some other friends that came.
The 3 month baby shoot was okay. Addison didn't really cooperate as well as I had hoped but I think we got some good pictures!
I'm trying to post some pictures via a slideshow! The only drawback here is that it could be really long and you might not want to watch it all!
Today: I went to Wal-mart, tried to deal with insurance companies but made no progress, paid some bills, etc. Now I await the season finale of 24. It will be exciting but I predict that Jack finds a cure to his disease and that Kim gets kidnapped and Jack has to save her. Also, the president's daughter is probably going to get discovered for her dealings. Tony Almada will probably go scotch free then be killed by Jack. Those are my predictions. Any more thoughts? Will 24 be back for another season? Oh also, any one else excited for a new bacholrette?

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