Thursday, May 28, 2009

blog re-do and J&K+8

Do you ever write a long blog then delete while it's frustrating.

I updated my blog. It should be easier to subscribe and makw comments. Someone besides Randy please comment and let me know if it's easier!

John and Kate Plus 8- Boycott?
Did anyone watch the season 5 premiere? It was gut wrenching and made me consider family roles and family structure. Am I old fashioned or is it more right for the man to be the head of the house and the wife to submit than vice versa? I think the vice versa option is total chaos and the state of the Gosselin home. Jon quit his IT analyst job to stay home with the kids while Kate travels for her book release. There is nothing wrong with women working per say, but men need to have a feeling of accomplishment in life. From my observation, Kate belittles Jon and 'wears the pants.' Jon is not a strong leader and thus Kate pushes him around. Jon should regain his position as head of the house and not allow Kate to speak rudely to him. Kate should respect her husband and take her role as helpmate.
The show has been hard to watch recently with Kate being so rude to her husband. I don't want to be like that. The show has actually been better when Kate is on the road and Jon d0es the interviews by himself. When Kate is around he can hardly get a word in edge wise. All this to say. God created an order for marriage, man as the head and wife as the counterpart. Get it straight people. I'm wondering if we start a boycott of the book and show if they will work on their marriage?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 month pictures!

The picture is priceless. Mom opening her iPhone on Saturday bfr. Mother's Day!

Addison's 3 month pictures are available for viewing on the internet! Go to Click on your portarits and view now. The password is Addison. If you'd like to buy some pictures I'm sure Randy will be happy to sell you some! Hopefully at the end we can have a collage made of the whole year!

We had our last small group for the Spring. We are taking a break for the summer since some of the guys are in the band and they are traveling for 7 weeks in a row then add on peoples vacations and it's to hectic. In the interim we should continue hanging out. I hope to have a few dinners with some couples to get to know them better! So long small group! It was a true blessing to get to know you guys; we hope to hang out this summer too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebration Sunday!

I had a great trip to McKinney though it was short! It's always good to spend time with my family!

I came home early in order to attend Rick McCarthy's baptism. Tracy led him to Christ in February and Rick decided to join the baptism service yesterday. Pastor Cody asked Tracy to baptize Rick. I had never thought about it much, but any believer can baptize another believer. Now that's out of the normal "church" box!

The cool thing about yesterday was that it was the Celebration service for 40 days of Community! We met outside on the soccer field where everyone set up lawn chairs. It was an awesome service. Rick and 4 others were baptized at the beginning of the service. Pastor Cody talked about being strong in your faith and not making excuses to not serve God. He asked if anyone wanted to get saved and be baptized today, like the Ethiopian Eunuch (sp?) in Acts. At first one girl, Brooke from our small group stood up, then a teenage boy, then a little boy. By the end 18 more had been baptized by their friends/family or Pastor Cody (they even let a girl baptize)! These were not all new believers but some had been baptized as babies and now wanted to partake in the biblical believer's baptism. In total 23 were baptized yesterday. It was a church service unlike any other! God was moving and people responded. It was a refreshing experience, no walls just open sky, members were involved not stagnant!

A big thanks to Cody for thinking outside the box and leading the church to think and act that way as well!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Monday Monday!

Today was a busy day! We got in late last night from a very busy weekend. The rehersal dinner and wedding were both great! We really enjoyed hanging out with the wedding party and some other friends that came.
The 3 month baby shoot was okay. Addison didn't really cooperate as well as I had hoped but I think we got some good pictures!
I'm trying to post some pictures via a slideshow! The only drawback here is that it could be really long and you might not want to watch it all!
Today: I went to Wal-mart, tried to deal with insurance companies but made no progress, paid some bills, etc. Now I await the season finale of 24. It will be exciting but I predict that Jack finds a cure to his disease and that Kim gets kidnapped and Jack has to save her. Also, the president's daughter is probably going to get discovered for her dealings. Tony Almada will probably go scotch free then be killed by Jack. Those are my predictions. Any more thoughts? Will 24 be back for another season? Oh also, any one else excited for a new bacholrette?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pic Today!

Pic April 20th

After Tracy's good news!


I'm contemplating getting Twitter. Is it just a fad or here to stay?
Any thoughts? Do I really need to use my time on another social
networking tool? Hmmm.
Currently we are in Tyler at Michael Zeagler and Kelley Pattersons
wedding events. I hope it doesn't rain too much tomorrow b/c
everythings outside! BTW, mom and dad, y'all could so pull off having
weddings at your house and who couldn't use a little income these days.
The weddings tomorrow then off to Nach. for 3 month baby pics. You'd
think we really like to drive and Not relax on Tracys days off, well
you've thought wrong although we spend lots of time on the road and
happy to do it while we can! Good night!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Before you freak out, it's not my birthday. Well, it's my second birthday! My mom actually gave us the idea. I thought about it and reaized that our birthday is important for a little while, but our second birthday is important and will be importnat forever. Tracy and I started celebrating our second birthday this year, the day that we became Christians. Mine is today, May 11, and Tracy's is February 22. I'm reminded of the story of Nicodemus in John 3 when he's asking Jesus how to be born again. "How can I enter again into my mother's womb?" And after having a baby that's a bit funny b/c Tracy says to me, Addison is too big to be in your tummy now. Yes she is!
Addison's dedication:
I just want to say thank you to all those that joined us yersterday for her/our dedication. We appreciate your support and encouragement as we strive to raise her according to God's word. We also know that many more support us and were unable to attend. So thank you to you too!
Does anyone know how to post a slideshow on here? We have so many great pics from the weekend. Thanks to Tracy for my camera!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Fun Day/ Busy Saturday!

Friday Tracy and I went to see a movie, Ghost of Girlfriends Past,
shopping for a dress shirt, then headed to Best Buy to purchase a
Mothers Day gift and a surprise birthday present for me. You're
thinking, your birthday isn't til November. Yes you are correct, but
this year Tracy and I decided to start celebrating our 2nd birthdays.
It's the day we were re-born (John 3) and decided to follow Jesus. So
happy birthday to me Tracy bought me a camera and accessories! To top
off our day I had my first trip to Red Robin. Yum yum!
Today my parents arrived mid morning and we went to a local BBQ
restaraunt. Mom opened her mothers day gifts. Yea she got an iPod and
accessories. Tracy, Dad and I went for a brief walk to downtown
Bastrop where we got yummy snowcones! Tracy's mom and grandad arrived
just in time to grill out. We all had a great time down by the pool
eating burgers and hanging out. We topped off our day by eating ice
cream! It was a great day all for Addidons dedication tomorrow!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today is the first day of a 4 day pass! The apartment is semi-clean,
that was yesterdays task. Now we are at the Lemmons helping them
around their house so it's ready to go on the market next week! Anyone
looking for a beautiful house with 7 acres in southwest Austin?
There is no Seaworld or San Antonio trip in sight, maybe later. But we
are still looking forward to a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday! Hump Day!

Picture: Tracy and baby in the hospital!

So it's Wednesday! I'm looking forward to a great rest of the week: Thursday work day at the Lemmons, Friday Fun Day (maybe Sea World!), Saturday maybe San Antonio with my parents, Sunday More Family and Addison's dedication. Monday is my 2nd Birthday!

So it's a busy week! I just went grocery shopping for the weekend food. I hope to have a cook out Saturday night, thanks to the Barnwells for the free grill! Now time to clean, but I'm lacking motivation and energy!

Also, Tracy just called and said he took an office job. Yea! ( I guess, we'll see if it's better) He will have the same 2 days off every week, maybe not weekends but at least predictable.

Monday, May 4, 2009

3 things!

I'm really glad about 3 things; 1. That my Uncle Bob is doing better
(out of ICU) and will come home soon! 2. That I will see both my
sisters today in Austin on a weekday, thanks to the swine flu. 3. That
Tracy has pass this week!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Look how she has grown! Well it isn't so evident here, but she has grown from 8 lbs 12 oz on her birthday to over 13 lbs. now.

Responsibility vs. Needing a break!

First, Congratulations to Tracy for 8 years of service!

The picture to the Left is Easter Sunday! This is our baby girl, Addison Ann in her Easter dress bought by her Mimi (my mom)!

Today I went to church with Addison. It was her first time going to the nursery. The workers, my friend and neighor Vicki, were nice and said that she did great! It was nice not having to worry if she would cry during the sermon and I could actually listen. BUT my dilemma lies in this question. Is the church nursery just another way that we shove our kids on to other people so that we don't have to take care of them? I feel torn between responsibility and needing a break. The break was nice, but I also want to expose her to the church service and have her with us. This brings me to the thought of Children's church? I don't think there is anything in the Bible about separating our children from the adults. Again, are we segregating our children from adults, under the desguise of "we need a break?" Wasn't it my decision to to have a child and to take care of it? Any thoughts anyone? Involvement with our children vs. needing a break!

As far as the other happenings in my life: I wonder how Uncle Bob is doing and pray for Aunt Linda and E&E as they go through this.

2) waiting til tracy gets off work to see if he wants to go shooting with the Sweeney's.

3) watching the Mavs game! maybe an afternoon nap too!

First post from my phone. This is just a test!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're Back!

Technically this is my first post on this site! Yea!
Many have suggested that I create a blog inorder to keep friends and family updated on our life. The main purpose of the blog will be to post photos and give a play by play on how Addison is growing up. Some things will not be discussed here such as military happenings. We'll still have to pick up the phone and talk for those kind of updates! I'm about to head out the door to head to the Sweeney's. Cari has to go pick up her work bonus in person, so I'm the tag-a-long, accompaniment!
pictures and more to be posted tomorrow hopefully!