Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful father! I hope you had a great day Dad and that you got by birthday voicemail! You're a great Dad and have always been there for mom and us girls! Tracy says happy birthday too!

Addison is officially 5 months old! I thought the above picture appropriate, a picture of her with her Papa!

Today I took my first ride on my new bike! I only fell once. That is an improvement! I stayed after church for the church membership class. Sad that we are moving soon, but might as well join since the future is uncertain. Addison and I enjoyed our afternoon with a long nap! It should be a good week; not a whole lot planned!


Aunt Nancy said...

Love the pic of "your family"!! Addison looks like she is taller or is it longer?? Anyway can't wait to see you next week. Love to all!!

Cari said...