Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twitter, Thankful, and Triathalon

First, Happy Birthday to my new friend Erin Shehu! The pictures are from her surprise party!
Twitter: For now I've decided not to twitter. There are too many things going on and I'm not able to do them all well. Here's the line in the sand, no twitter for now.
Thankful: Tracy and I feel so blessed right now to have so many friends here in Bastrop. We started going to a small group from church back in March and from that have formed several good friendships with other couples. As Tracy said it's like we're dating other couples. We both have to like both people in order to stay friends. It was more funny at the time! To our newer and older friends, we hope to keep hanging out and getting to know you better.
Triathlon? to participate or not to participate. I'm still majorly on the fence. The race is in Sugar Land in mid October. For now I'm enjoying working out with friends. Melinda Whitfil, Erin Shehu, and Ashley Bushong all started training this week. Monday was swimming and today was running. I really enjoyed swimming b/c they taught me proper technique. The running was not as fun b/c my knee still hurts, but I did okay for having run a handful of times since my soccer days.

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Kay Dee said...

I say do the Tri. I have been doing the minis and half marathons for a couple of years. The rush of the finish line is worth every early morning! Glad I found your blog!- KDC