Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The last 6 weeks

Or has it been 2 months since I've written? Well, we were looking to
buy a house and we decided that was not the best decision right now.
So all that time "wasted" looking at houses will be wisdom for our
next home buying experience. For now, we've settled into our 2
bedroom, 1000 sq. ft. apartment in McKinney. Everything fits nicely
for now. When we add baby #2 it shall be a bit more tight but
We have not decided on a name yet. It didn't seem this difficult when
we named Addison. We'll decide shortly; what's the rush? Hopefully we
have 14 more weeks.
Since I wrote last, Addison is walking very well. She loves to read
books. If I am sitting down she takes that as her invitation to bring
me a book to read. Her newest thing is trying to feed herself with a
spoon. She does really well and can sometimes get food on the spoon.
It takes longer to feed her but she has to grow up somehow. At her 15
month checkup she was 24lbs. In the 60th percentile. I can't remember
her height but she was in the 74th percentile.
Also, on the homefront Tracy got a job with CBeyond. He will sell
broadband and phone service to businesses. It starts this Monday. I
also am taking 12 youth to a camp this Monday while Nana and Granpaw
take care of Addison.
That's all for now!

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