Monday, October 19, 2009

Try Andy's Tri

It all started this summer when some friends talked me into doing a triathlon with them. Out of the five of us I was the only one able to actually do the race. Did I get tricked into this? I waited in line two hours Saturday for a spot int he race b/c the race was full when I finally decided to buy a "ticket." I was number 14 in line to buy the unclaimed spots in the race. The race was on Sunday. I woke up at 4:00 due to my precious Addison waking up. I got up at 4:45 in time to pump and eat breakfast. Mr. Bill dropped me off at 5:30 at the transition area. All 800 of us got ready until 7:10. Then we were left to wait in the cold until the swimming started. I was in the last wave and swam at 8:05. I finished the swim in 7:54 and grabbed my jacket and headed to my bike. I got ready in 3 min. Right out of the gate I noticed that my back tire was low. I decided to use my CO2 quick pump to air it up. Bad idea to try this for the first time during the race. I ended up breaking off the air valve. So I now have a flat tire. We tried a new tube, in the process we lost the valve and had to dig around the grass for it. The new tube was leaking. We take it off, I really mean the 2 nice spectators, then put on the first tube which we think we can put the valve from the new tube on it. Nope, that's when we discovered that the valve was broken. Plan C, put the new tube back on and try to patch it. At this point I was very frustrated and prayed that it would hold air. The guy airs up the tube and it holds air this time! Woot! God was listening!

I’m off for the bike ride. I’m now riding alone due to the 23 min. delay and being the last wave of swimmers. The last five miles of the bike I had a personal police escort. I finished the bike in 1:04:??. I get back, I'm the last one and most people are done with the race by now and change into my running shoes, drop my jacket and go. The run was my best part. I finished in 31:??. That was pretty goo considering I was training at 12 min miles and was certain before the race that I'd have to walk! I didn't have to walk at all! I guess I had experienced enough sore muscles while running during my soccer days!

My goal for the race was to finish in less than 2:00:00. Despite the flat tire disaster I still finished in less than 2 hours! My goal for my next race is to finish in less than 1:30:00 and to majorly improve my bike time. The blind guy finished in 47:00. That's flying, average of 25mph on the bike! It was great fun, but I'm no superwoman. You can do it too with a little commitment and motivation!

Thank you all for your support! Especially Tracy for letting me buy a Tri bike!

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