Saturday, August 22, 2009


I slept in a little late today! I was pretty tired from yesterday's game night! Some ladies from church got together for some games! We ate, we played, and most importantly laughed (yes, you remember Erin's description of Nik's back problems, many opportunities for "that's what she said!")
This morning was pretty great! I watched last night's Cowboys game while holding Addison; 2 of my favorite things at the same time! I also fed Addison sweet potatoes (just had to add a pinch of sugar to entice her!), did day 4 of P90, and did laundry! There's been many loads of laundry this week b/c Tracy comes home every night with dirt caked on his clothes! We are heading to Austin for the McCarthy's House warming party. A big thanks to Vicki for watching Addison.
Lastly, our friends the Phifers' went to the hospital this morning to have baby Caden. Lori's water broke around 8:00am. I'm so looking for wad to meeting Caden!

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