Monday, August 31, 2009

#7 Beijing

Beijing was a great city but I wasn't there very long; I'd move it to #10 now that I think about it! It was the last leg on my 6 week trip to East Asia. We had spent the previous weeks with medical students talking with them about Jesus and their beliefs. I spent several days a week with a girl studying the Bible. She had just become a believer and was studying with a Missionary in her city. It was a very rewarding experience getting to spend time with her and to talk about spiritual things. Back to Beijing, I probably remember this city so fondly because I was glad to see a Subway and a Starbucks at our hotel and to eat real American food at Hard Rock Cafe. It still amazes me that I've yet to travel to New York City or D.C. but I've been to many similar places around the globe, similar as in crowded streets and subways and tall buildings with extravagant neon lights! I feel blessed to have seen so many places so far in my life. Tracy and I are having a contest of who has traveled to the most countries, he's winning with 20 something!

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