Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Army Life!

The Army way: Hurry up and Wait! We are so excited for Tracy to be coming home soon, less than 48 hours now! He cleared all of medical screenings and is cleared to return home! Yahooo!
He is excited about his PT test tomorrow! He hopes to break a 14 minute 2 mile! wow! That's fast! It turns out that when you live on a mountain, have no resources for intaking high caloric food, and the only activity is to exercise, then you can loose 20+ pounds in a year! I'm proud of you Tracy! Can't wait to see you and your handsome, skinny self!
We will be seeing him Thursday sometime! We still are not certain of the time! For now, I"m busy cleaning the house, getting things squared away for a trip to Austin/San Antonio, and getting ahead on Premier business stuff!
We look forward to seeing you soon! Look for a picture or FB status update for more info. I could update the blog, huh? ok, I"ll try to send a quick message here as well!
The girls are awake. Time for some play time!

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