Monday, October 4, 2010

Addison and Annie update!

There have been many changes in the last few weeks! The most important one is the addition of Annie Odessa Coe to our family. She is 3.5 weeks old now! She sleeps and eats often. She's starting to lift her head more and have longer periods of wakefulness! Most people ask how she sleeps at night. She only wakes up every 4 hours to eat and most of the time goes right back to sleep. Ocassionally she stays awake for an hour due to gas pain. Those nights have been few; I feel fortunate to have a good baby!
Addison update: She loves her baby sister. She is very attentive to her and does not like when Annie cries. She tries to put the passy in her mouth when she cries and likes to comfort her by patting her. Since Annie's birth, Addison has been mimicking me. She likes to wrap up her babies and hold them or place her babies in Annie's swing.
Addison also started preschool two days a week at FBC McKinney. She seems to enjoy it and her teachers say she is wonderful! She has gotten alot better at doing puzzles and coloring. However the increased interest in coloring has led to coloring on walls, windows, and furniture! Ha! not too funny really!
With Addison going to preschool it gives me time for doctors visits, spending time with friends and running errands. I have enjoyed preschool too!
Most of you know that I moved in with my parents and the Lemmons! The Lemmons have been a huge help with the new baby. They pick up the slack where I can't. It's difficult to nurse Annie and get things (lunch, a cup of milk, etc.) for Addison. We also take turns, them more than me, taking the kids to preschool!
We just enjoyed a wonderful visit from Aunt Cindy and Grandad Addison. We went to 3 soccer games and The Colony High School Football game! It was an eventful weekend and terriffic to spend time with them! Thanks for coming AC and grandad!

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Lori said...

Wow! Lots going on, and two under two is such fun. Congrats!

What is the deal with your sister moving here? I've seen them at church a few times and knew from fb that William was at FBC preschool, but I had no idea they had moved here.